Thursday, September 4, 2014

Can winning continuously-staying morally correct, co-exist ?

I went to be a part of India Against Corruption movement at Ramlila Maidan when Anna Hazare had already fasted for 12 days . There was a large crowd that had gathered around Ramlila Maidan at Delhi.Some celebrities were inside with Anna Hazare,tension was mounting in the Parliament and my friend was very circumspect about going to the epicentre of the whole movement.I had decided i will go, and he came along with me.When we got down at the closest metro station and started walking towards it,large mass of people moved along with us.My friend was nervous anticipating heavy security as we moved along.There were caps of "Main bhi Anna" and we took two of them,when I asked how much does that cost,the seller said - "It's Free,that's my contribution" with a Smile on his face.I smiled back,wore that and arrived at a point quite distant from the gates and saw a line besides us as we moved towards the gate.On reaching there,to our pleasant surprise, saw just two security personnel sitting on a chair watching the proceedings as the people who reached the gates used to return backwards for atleast half a km to reach the starting point of that long line and then get in that line.

I and my friend looked at each other and wondered that - is this the same India we have been a part of since childhood,which was always trying to break the line even after heavy security.People were smiling,happy and such was the movement that people wanted to help each other.I thought about the purity of the mission,the dedication and the Intent of the old man sitting inside who has brought this mass of people to behave and think about others.I could only conclude - "Goodness is infectious".

In the line,I looked at people from different backgrounds and being a Saturday , saw many IT professionals too.

What stuck me was that these are the same men who would be such a different person in office.They would be doing every bit to go ahead in that line even if that demanded a little bit of walking over the person ahead in line or on a person standing besides him in office as it deemed necessary for him to march ahead in his Line(career).Sacrificing a bit of morals,playing a bit of politics would seem necessary from inside while criticizing the same deeds of others from outside.Same would have been true for other professionals too.Reached the point,where the two laid back policemen where relaxing and watching all the good men and women , caring about each other , but still marching ahead in line.

Finally entered into the Ramlila Maidan and saw people from distant places coming to this point, and a large crowd looking at the stage.A Song was played and everyone was singing in chorus -

I and my friend looked at each other and he looked very happy as we moved ahead and finally saw Anna Hazare on stage . I looked at him , paused to realize the beauty of that moment - smiling , caring people all around , united as bunch , singing , as if saying every word for every person other than themselves. I thought who had thought this day was possible , especially in India where we always cloud our-self with Conventional-Negative-cribbing thoughts about our society,fellow people and the country as a whole,

I looked at Anna Hazare and thought that in this competitive world of our office when will we witness such a man who will make us believe that we can reach our destination by walking in a line , caring about every other person in line and try Not to jump in to reach ahead.It will Not be mandatory to be Clever to march ahead and there would be a unique experience of having a one-on-one conversation with your conscience with such deep confidence on reaching the destinations(of your career).
With those thoughts in mind but Smiles on my lips and heart , I along with my now-happy friend started singing with a large mass of people having "Main bhi Anna" visible on there head  and the words were -

"Har Karam apna karege , Ae vatan tere liye,
Dil diya hai ,Jaan bhi dege , Ae vatan tere liye".

(Every deed of mine I ll do for you My Nation ,
Have given my heart will also give my life for you - My Nation )
.... Selflessly


Priyanka Srivastava said...

Nice Thought Shubham..Keep it up!!! nd keep writing those ARTICLES which gives good thoughts to us...specially who are not able to understand these good things as it will always help them only, rather than the person who is writing this article, selflessly... :) :)

Ankur Saini said...

very well written Shubham...

Shubham Srivastava said...

Thanks a lot Priyanka for the Appreciation and the encouragement.
Will surely try to write more and if that can bring in any value to anyone,nothing like that.

@Ankur Saini ... Thanks a lot for the Appreciation and the shares :)

Ambuj Sinha said...

"What stuck me was that these are the same men who would be such a different person in office.."
Spot on!

Shubham Srivastava said...

@Ambuj...Thanks for going through it